Gouache for an eye

There’s only one word that comes to mind when I used gouache for the first time – unlearn.

There’s only one thing that came to mind when I used gouache for the first time – what is this nonsense!

Remember poster paints? And remember how we said goodbye to them one day, without even realising, and moved onto more sophisticated paints, forgetting about them altogether?

Then one day we wake up and hear there’s a new paint in town. It’s so fancy that everyone even pronounces it’s name differently. Gouache.

And we decide to give it a try. And it sucks. The paint mixes weird, the water consistency is off, and don’t even get me started on how long it’s been since I watched this episode of Friends. But, you give it sometime and something familiar kicks in.

It takes an entire second round to realise that gouache is the more sophisticated version of poster paints. And gouache is beautiful. The more you use it, the more versatile it gets. I have to actively stop myself from wetting the paint too much, as I am used to doing with water colours. At the same time, I’ve to also remember to use water as I barely use any with acrylic. Unlearn.

I definitely want to spend more time with gouache. The Brustro Artists Gouache Color Set is great to begin with.

You can purchase this original painting here.

It was so much fun painting with you @_hyemina 😀 and I’m in love with your style!

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